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Faux Finish


Art Painting Decor

 Art Painting and Decorating has been certified for just about 20 years on faux finishing.

Faux finishing is decorative painting that has a wide range of techniques. Some techniques include replicating

the appearance materials such as marble, wood, stone, etc. Other involve stenciling, glazing, distressing,

murals, granite, and more. We use new world technology paint Faux Effects to assure most excellent

quality by being the most compatible product in the industry.

We can work together to find the best design to fit your room, house, work, etc.

We provide over 1,000 samples located our store, new samples coming in every week to follow through

with modern looks. can also make personal samples just for you, for any unique ideas.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, we also give free estimates!